• Fersatile and Easy

    Multiple layouts

    Choose which type you want
    There are three types to choose from:
    Normal, Badge and Recent reviews

    Mobile Ready

    Our widget is ready for mobile visitors
    And offcourse all other visitors on iPads etc.

    Easy Setup

    Only a few lines need to be added!
    No conflicts with other codes.
    You can even use your own jQuery library.


    Even easier then a review,
    recommendations can be given without contactinfo.
    It gives customers an extra indication.

  • What Our Customers Are Saying

    Sara Peters


    Quick and easy, no fuss.
    Installation was done in 5 minutes.

    Kim Berendsen


    Great service,
    clear pricing
    and start right away!

    Koen Jansen


    It was very easy to install
    we could start with collecting right away
    both reviews and recommendations.

Main Features

Only a few of the many features of WebshopReviews

  • Quick and easy to install

    Only a few lines of code need to be added and you are ready to go!

  • Best in Category Badges

    Be the best in your category and you will receive a badge that you can display on your webshop!

  • 3 different layouts

    Normal: Webshopname, rating, recommendations, write review button and recommendation button.
    Badge: Webshopname, rating and recommendations.
    Reviews: Webshopname, rating, recommendations and reviews with pro's and cons.

  • SEO and SEA boost as a gift

    Many pages on our website will link to your webshop, giving you an extra SEO boost! Google will also use the reviews to determine how good your webshop is. Not only with normal search results, but also at Google Shopping and Adwords!

  • Knowledge center

    Well documented knowledge center and a FAQ that will answer all your questions.

  • Great Customer Support

    We are here you help you get up and running. It is our goal to make it easy both for your customer and for you!


WebshopReviews.EU comes with a top-of-the-line support team to ensure you get the best experience!

Easy for customers

WebshopReviews makes it easy

Customers only have to fill in the absolute minimal to apply a review. This will result in many more good reviews and help you sell to more other webshop visitors.

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Easy for you

WebshopReviews makes it easy

We have made the install very easy for you, so you don't have to spend a lot of time on it. Only a few lines of code will do! But if you want to, the code can be very fersatile and even use your own jQuery library.

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Responsive and Fast

As fast as can be

The widget is responsive so it can change appearance to any screen size. Phone, Tablet, PC, all handled with grace. The code is also very fast and doesn't delay the pageload by more then a couple of milliseconds.

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Best in Category Badges

Social approval

Because many customers provided proof that your webshop is the best, webshop visitors will be more likely to buy.

SEO/SEA benefits

If you are the best in your category, you get a fullpage dedicated to your webshop and this will have big SEO and SEA benefits.

Sales boost

Being the best in your category pays! Now you can show it on your webshop and sell even more.


Having a "Best in Category" badge on the webshop, shows your visitors your webshop is trustworthy.


  • Social Approval

    Many studies have proven the power of social approval. Potential customer seek for social approval on a website before they place their order. Providing them with a rating, number of recommendations and list of recent reviews will pursuade them that you are the kind of webshop they want to do business with.

  • Return On Investment

    By using reviews to pursuade your customers, your return on investment will skyrocket! Normally the conversion rate of visitors to customers is about 1%. Using reviews on your site, will dramatically improve this percentage and make you more money.

  • Higher Google Ranking

    Not only does reviews pursuade your customers to buy at your webshop, it also helps you rank higher in Google! By having many reviews, Google will automatically place your website higher in it search results and also at Google shopping. And let's not forget the rich snippets with a star rating!

  • Easy Review Management

    Clear and easy review management allows you to quickly examine and respond to reviews.

  • Fast and Easy

    Featuring trending modern web standards. Clean, Safe and Fast. Completely conflict free and very easy to install.

  • Great Support

    Using e-mail, chat and phone we will answer all your questions as fast as possible.

Great Support For All Customers

From small questions to complicated custom work

1. Send us your question
If the FAQ and knowledge base doesn't answer your question
Contact us
2. We will crank our brains
The normal response time is 1-2 working days.
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3. We will present you the solution!
Our team of developers are here to assist you with all your questions.
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